Three Little Bears

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Discover the enchanting allure of the Three Little Bears Pentyl Poppers. Hidden within each of these three 10ml bottles is a world of sensory delights, waiting to elevate your most treasured moments to new heights.

Juic'D Platinum Pentyl 10ml

Discover a new level of sensory pleasure with the Pentyl Juic'd 10ml, a compact and powerful sensory enhancer. This isn't merely a novelty item; it's a key that unlocks a world of intensified sensations and unforgettable moments.


Step into a world of unparalleled intensity with the Fist Pentyl 10ml. Far beyond just a popper, this is an elixir of power, meticulously formulated to elevate your moments from commonplace to captivating.


Welcome to a new horizon of intensity with the BB Pentyl 10ml from Blue Boy. This is no ordinary popper; it's a compact capsule of thrill, expertly crafted to take your experiences from everyday to exceptional.

SKU: PACK-PEN-3BEARS Categories: , ,
Three Little Bears Amsterdam Poppers Prowler PoppersThree Little Bears Amsterdam Poppers Prowler Poppers


The Three Little Bears Pentyl Poppers are more than just novelty items; they’re keys to unlocking hidden doors of pleasure and connection. Each bottle is carefully filled with a premium Pentyl formula, designed to tantalize your senses and enhance your experiences.

The magic of the Three Little Bears is that they are perfect companions, always ready and waiting for when the moment feels just right. Each bear is a promise of a unique adventure, inviting you to step into a world where everything is heightened and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Experience the charm of our Poppers today, and let these little guides usher you into realms of unexplored delight. Remember, free delivery is available when you spend £25 or more. And rest assured, your order will arrive in 100% discreet packaging, preserving the mystery of what lies within. Unleash the magic of the Three Little Bears today and immerse yourself in a world where anything is possible.



Original Gold and new Leather Cleaner formulas.
Three Little Bears Amsterdam Poppers Prowler Poppers


Three Little Bears Amsterdam Poppers Prowler Poppers


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