Poppers from Europe

If you’re looking for the finest range of poppers from Europe, then look no further than Prowler Poppers. With a wide range of potent European poppers, you won’t be short of choice when it comes to finding a brand that will provide you with the buzz you’re looking for. 

These bottles are imported from Europe and contain a strong, potent formula. The Jungle Juice Platinum Leather Cleaner, Amsterdam Leather Cleaner, Blue Boy Leather Cleaner and Blue Boy Pentyl Poppers are some of our most popular European brands. For more information on all our poppers online, visit our brand’s page.

What are the Best Poppers?

It’s difficult to actually answer this question, as the majority of poppers are different and therefore produce different effects. So it really depends on what effect you want the popper to have. 

Generally speaking, poppers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with each brand producing a unique effect. Nitrites are the most common ingredient in poppers, but there are also alkyl nitrites, isobutyl nitrites, cyclohexyl nitrites, and propyl nitrites—to name a few. The actual experience differs from one type of popper to another, so some may be better for more experienced users and others for less experienced users.

You can check out our best-selling poppers to see what the most popular poppers are online and get an idea of what brand you should buy.

For more information about poppers read our FAQS.

100% Discreet Packaging

At Prowler Poppers, we ensure that whenever a customer orders from our online store, that discretion is maintained. We want our customers to feel safe knowing that they can shop freely and honestly without worrying about delivery. This is why we offer 100% discreet packaging. 

As well as this, we also provide free next-day delivery on orders over £25, so you’ll receive your poppers in no time at all. We also have a knowledgeable customer service team who are available to answer any questions or concerns so you can feel confident in your favourite brands. For more information on all things poppers, we have a helpful FAQ section. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your poppers today, without any fuss. 

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