Jungle Juice Poppers

If you’ve been using poppers for some time, then we’re confident you’ve heard of Jungle Juice. Jungle Juice Poppers has been around since 1982 and since then has aged like a fine wine…it definitely gets better with age. Distinctive in their bright yellow bottles, these aromas offer an impressive rush that will get even the most hardcore users in a good place.

With a sensation that is intense and long-lasting, Jungle Juice is a must-have in your aroma arsenal so no wonder our customers love it. In fact, along with the likes of Liquid Gold, Rush and Amsterdam, it’s one of our best-selling brands of poppers.

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Which is the best Jungle Juice Popper?

Deciding on which Jungle Juice Popper is the best is totally dependent on which type of aroma you’re after. If you’re looking for a fuzzy and warm rush in a small, easy-to-conceal bottle, then our Jungle Juice Poppers 10ml might be the perfect choice for you. If you want a bottle that will last longer then we also stock 25ml.

You may want an even stronger buzz, in which case you might like our Jungle Juice Plus 10ml, which is actually the original and is much more potent, so we recommend only experienced users buy these.

What type of Popper is Jungle Juice?

Jungle Juice is considered one of the strongest types of poppers on the market. Therefore, extreme caution and care should be taken when taking these. If you haven’t used poppers before or have limited experience, we recommend less potent brands such as King or Rave.

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