Double Scorpio

What are Double Scorpio Poppers?

Made from highly pure isobutyl nitrite, Double Scorpio poppers are one of the strongest and most popular brands of poppers available today. They offer a powerful and long-lasting experience that lasts much longer than other brands of poppers.
Although somewhat more expensive than other products, the extra cost is definitely worth it as you’ll experience virtually no headaches. Additionally, there are various different scents to choose from.

Why choose Double Scorpio Poppers?

So, Double Scorpio Poppers…what’s all the fuss about? Well, the reason Double Scorpio Poppers are so great is because of their extra high quality and the purity of the ingredients they are made with.

In fact, the Isobutyl Nitrite in these poppers is synthesized in small batches and kept in deep freeze storage until it is time to ship, so you can be confident the product you are receiving is fresh, potent, and will always meet our high level of standards.

We neutralize the acid in our products before bottling which minimizes burns from accidental spills and helps keeps headaches from vapors to a low; most of our customers do not experience any headaches at all due to the quality and purity of our products.

What is Double Scorpio used for?

Double Scorpio, just like all of our other products are types of leather cleaners and solvents used for cleaning only and should not be used for anything else such as inhalation.

What Double Scorpio Poppers Scents are best?

With a range of scents to choose from, picking the right aroma for your needs may be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a popper with no scent at all such as the Double Scorpio White Gold or you want to experience luxury with our Double Scorpio Gold, we have the finest selection of 10ml bottles.

Another popular choice among our customers is the Double Scorpio Scorpio Sapphire Poppers – a clean and headache-free 15ml bottle of disco fun.

Double Scorpio Poppers review

In order to help you choose the best poppers, why not read some of our most recent customer reviews? Double Scorpio Poppers has become some of our most popular and best-selling products due to their high quality, potency and purity.

Of course, if you’d rather try some other products, we recommend you check out our Pentyl Poppers or even our very popular Liquid Gold Poppers.

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