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What are poppers ?

Sold under euphemisms like nail polish remover or video head cleaner, they’re actually aromas which have several aphrodisiac-like effects: they may increase the libido, they should help certain muscles to relax (and others not to!), and they can enhance your bedroom performances! (Try reading some poppers reviews to find out more specifics.) Poppers being aromas probably says enough about the best way to use poppers.

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Berlin XXX 25ml

Berlin XXX 25ml



Jungle juice Black Label Pentyl Poppers 15ml
Jungle juice Black Label Pentyl Poppers 24ml
English Pentyl Poppers 24ml
English Pentyl Poppers 15ml
Blue Boy Pentyl Poppers 24ml
Blue Boy Pentyl Poppers 15ml
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Quick Silver Leather Cleaner 24ml
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Blue Boy Leather Cleaner 10ml
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