Stronger Things 4

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Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong Poppers 24ml

Amsterdam Poppers have a history as rich as poppers themselves, consistently ranking as a top choice among customers. The Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong Poppers, crafted with Pentyl Nitrite, can be purchased in 10ml or 24ml individual bottles.

King Gold Poppers 24ml

This potent 24ml King Gold Poppers bottle is crafted with Pentyl nitrite. At Prowler Poppers, we're committed to offering only the most powerful poppers, ensuring consistent quality for our customers. Order by 3pm from Monday to Friday, and we'll dispatch your item the same day.

Double Scorpio Rose Gold - 10ml

Unlike all other brands, Double Scorpio neutralise the acid in their products before bottling which minimises burns from accidental spills and helps keeps headaches from vapours to a low; most customers do not experience any headaches at all due to the quality and purity of the products.

Made with 100% isobutyl nitrate, no fillers.

Our Isobutyl Nitrite is synthesised in small batches and kept in deep freeze storage until it's time to ship, so you can be confident the product you are receiving is fresh, potent, and will always meet our high level of standards.

Double Scorpio Sapphire - 10ml

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Unleash the power of the Upside Down with the “Stronger Things” Poppers Pack! Venture into a realm of pleasure more mysterious than the Hawkins National Laboratory with this dynamite quartet of poppers. Including two intoxicating variants from Double Scorpio and two potent pentyl-based formulas, this pack is your secret weapon against the Demogorgons of boredom and monotony.

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    Peter steward

    usually I use the european poppers or potent blue but tried this pack as it was on offer and it blew my mind LOVE the pentyl & LOVE LOVE the DS I have been converted (not for the first time lol)

    August 31, 2023

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