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Introducing Pac Man Pentyl – a quartet of exhilaration that transforms ordinary moments into unforgettable adventures. This exclusive pack combines four of our most potent and popular poppers: PENTYL Thunderball X, Rush Black Label PENTYL, Rock Hard XXX PENTYL, and Chemical X PENTYL. Each bottle brings its unique melody of excitement, blending together to orchestrate an experience that resonates with pure pleasure.

We’ve stuffed four large 24ml fan-favourites into one ‘Pac’ and given it a whopping 30% discount.

Thunderball Extreme Pentyl Poppers 24ml

Do you want to take things to the extreme? If so Thunderball is the popper for you. Beware these are extremely long lasting powerful poppers.

Only recently available in the UK they will blow your mind.

Available in 24ml bottles

Rush Black Label Pentyl Poppers 24ml

Rush Black label from the Pentyl range are smooth and strong. A long-lasting effect for the experienced user.

Proceed with caution, available in 15ml & 24ml bottles

Rock Hard XXX Pentyl Poppers 24ml

Rock Hard XXX are stronger and longer lasting than any other popper on the market. If you are in the mood for a giant night make sure not to leave home without some.

Available in 15ml & 24ml bottles

Chemical X Pentyl Poppers 24ml

Chemical X is from the much sought after Pentyl range. This strong popper carries a unique blend that makes it a firm favourite with aromas fans. Available in 15ml and 24 ml bottles

SKU: PAC-Man Categories: ,
A bottle of Chemical X Pentyl Poppers 24ml leather cleaner with a bright green label and black cap on a white background.


PENTYL Thunderball X, with its impactful potency, is your trigger for electrifying fun. It’s the energy booster that sets the stage for a fantastic experience.

Rush Black Label PENTYL offers a unique thrill that makes your heart pound with anticipation. It’s the perfect companion to heighten your senses and add a touch of suspense to the mix.

Rock Hard XXX PENTYL steps in to intensify the experience. Its potent formula ensures the adventure is not only thrilling but also lasting. It’s the endurance runner of this pack, making sure the fun doesn’t end too soon.

Finally, the Chemical X PENTYL adds an element of surprise, taking your fun moments to a whole new level. It’s the wild card of the pack, promising an experience that’s as unpredictable as it is satisfying.

With the Pac Man PENTYL pack, you’re not just buying poppers online; you’re embarking on an adventure filled with thrilling surprises and breathtaking experiences. So why wait? Dive into a world of exhilarating fun with Pac Man PENTYL today.



A bottle of Chemical X Pentyl Poppers 24ml leather cleaner with a bright green label and black cap on a white background.

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