Disco ’84 Pack

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Introducing our exclusive Disco 80’s Poppers Pack with a massive 30% off. A throwback to the vibrant nights of the 1980s! This fabulous quartet includes four unique bottles – each offering a distinct aroma and experience. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the disco era with a total of 84ml of exhilarating scents for £33. Perfect for party enthusiasts and retro lovers alike! (Rush 10ml temporarily replacing Bullseye)


It doesn't matter who the Alpha is when you grab hold of this bottle it's a 25ml bottle which is big enough to share. Looking for a UK popper which delivers a good clean hit this aroma is well worth a look.

English Pentyl Poppers 24ml

English have brought out this super quality Pentyl product. If your looking to try something a bit different then this is definitely worth a shout, Available in 15ml and 24ml bottles this English import is certainly worth a sniff.


Brand new to prowler poppers this will make you feel like royalty super smooth strong hit takes you around the royal garden & back again.

A huge 25ml bottle will keep even the greedy fully satisfied

Rush Poppers 10ml

Don't miss out on these Rush Poppers - available in an easy-to-conceal 10ml bottle.

Rush has been making waves from the very beginning. The poppers available from this professional manufacturer are some of the best room aromas available. They've been around since the 1970s and in that time Rush has perfected the unique popper flavour, much to the delight of fans who are loyal to this popper brand.

Due to supplier shortages for the foreseeable future, this item will come with a black cap instead of a white cap.

SKU: PACK-DISCO84 Categories: ,
Disco ’84 Pack Packs Prowler Poppers



Disco ’84 Pack Packs Prowler Poppers


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