Disco ’84 Pack

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Introducing our exclusive Disco 80’s Poppers Pack with a massive 30% off. A throwback to the vibrant nights of the 1980s! This fabulous quartet includes four unique bottles – each offering a distinct aroma and experience. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the disco era with a total of 84ml of exhilarating scents for £33. Perfect for party enthusiasts and retro lovers alike!


It doesn't matter who the Alpha is when you grab hold of this bottle it's a 25ml bottle which is big enough to share. Looking for a UK popper which delivers a good clean hit this aroma is well worth a look.


Looking to get hit by the bull? In a 10ml bottle, this budget bullseye product may be cheaper but the UK aroma has not been compromised. This is a new popper to prowler poppers and we think that it's going to be very popular.

For just £4.50 it would be rude not. Order today!

English Pentyl Poppers 24ml

English have brought out this super quality Pentyl product. If your looking to try something a bit different then this is definitely worth a shout, Available in 15ml and 24ml bottles this English import is certainly worth a sniff.


Brand new to prowler poppers this will make you feel like royalty super smooth strong hit takes you around the royal garden & back again.

A huge 25ml bottle will keep even the greedy fully satisfied

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