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Unleash your inner strength with the Bruiser Pentyl Poppers, a powerhouse duo designed to electrify your senses. This dynamic pair, featuring Juic’d Black Label and BB Pentyl, offers an unmatched synergy that elevates your experiences to new levels.


Dive into a realm of intensified exhilaration with the BB Pentyl 24ml from Blue Boy. This isn't just another popper; it's an elixir of excitement, carefully crafted to amplify your moments and add a thrilling edge to your experiences.

Pentyl Juicd Black Label 24ml

Introducing the Pentyl Juic'd Black Label 24ml, your premium choice for extraordinary experiences. This isn't just any novelty item; it's an invitation to step into a realm where your senses are amplified and every moment is brimming with potential.

SKU: PACK-PEN-BRUISER Categories: , ,


Step into the ring with the Bruiser Pentyl Poppers, your reliable tag team for those moments when you need that extra push. Each 24ml bottle is a champion in its own right. The Juic’d Black Label, bold and robust, packs a punch that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. On the other hand, the BB Pentyl, with its smooth and captivating allure, provides a balance that adds depth to your sensory adventures.

The Bruiser Pentyl Poppers are not just partners; they’re game-changers. Each bottle invites you to a world where the stakes are higher, the moments more intense, and the experiences more fulfilling.

Embrace the strength of these Pentyl Poppers today and step into a world where your senses reign supreme. Don’t forget, we offer free delivery on orders over £25, and all purchases arrive in 100% discreet packaging. Step into the ring, and let the Bruiser Poppers take you to undiscovered heights.




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