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Celebrate Pride month with all the colours of the rainbow. This bumper pack contains SEVEN different bottles for you to try

  • Purple Haze Room Odourisers 10ml
  • Ibiza 10ml
  • Ram Leather Cleaner 9ml
  • Rush 9ml
  • Explosive 9ml
  • Reds Leather Cleaner 9ml
  • Amsterdam Gold PENTYL 10ml

Purple Haze Poppers UK 10ml


We are going to IBIZA get ready to party with with brand new IBIZA aroma, one of the best poppers on the market, strong and smooth this aroma will have you buzzing

Temporarily unavailable

Ram Leather Cleaner 9ml

Add some life to your evening with our Ram Leather Cleaner. This extra-strong, room-filling aroma is the perfect way to start off a party or even finish the night in style. If you're looking to add more adventure to your life, then look no further than ram poppers.

Tired of the same old poppers? Then try our Ram Leather Cleaner liquid aroma. These are great value, super potent, and come with free delivery when you spend £25.

Temporarily unavailable

Explosive Leather Cleaner 9ml

Explosive by name, explosive by nature, the Explosive Leather Cleaner 9ml will put a smile on your face and set you off with a bang! In a slick and funky yellow 9ml bottle, you'll be the talk of the party when you open up this bad boy.

But be warned...once you open it, there's no turning back! Experience a bang like nothing else. Order today!

Temporarily unavailable

Reds Leather Cleaner 9ml

Reds Leather Cleaner 9ml is a strong, extra-strength popper, containing Isopropyl Nitrite. This aroma lasts longer than other brands. When inhaled, it is not only known to give you a strong head rush and a tingling warm feeling in your body but it is also a euphoric sensation that enhances all senses.

Why not treat yourself today and grab a bottle? 

Pentyl Amsterdam Ultra Gold 10ml

Experience the golden touch with the Pentyl Amsterdam Ultra Gold 10ml. This exceptional popper isn't just a sensory enhancer; it's an invitation to a world of unparalleled experiences, heightened moments, and golden memories.



Rush Poppers UK Room Aroma 10ml

Don't miss out on these Rush Poppers UK Room Aroma - available in an easy-to-conceal 10ml bottle.

Rush has been making waves from the very beginning. The poppers available from this professional manufacturer are some of the best room aromas available. They've been around since the 1970s and in that time Rush has perfected the unique popper flavour, much to the delight of fans who are loyal to this popper brand.

Due to supplier shortages for the foreseeable future, this item will come with a black cap instead of a white cap.

This product is currently unavailable.
SKU: RNBW Pack Category:
Rush Aroma



Rush Aroma

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