The Golden Fist Pack

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This exclusive pack features a sumptuous bottle of Double Scorpio Gold, renowned for its unparalleled quality and exquisite aroma, paired with the robust and potent Iron Fist Pentyl.

Double Scorpio Gold - 10ml

Double Scorpio Gold is our most complex formula yet featuring a Holy Trinity of three isomers. In scientific terms, it means it’s luxury, henney. Gold is scented with papaya essence and comes in a stunning gilded bottle. When you pull this out of your nightstand, everyone in the room will know you mean business.

Our Isobutyl Nitrite is synthesised in small batches and kept in deep freeze storage until it's time to ship, so you can be confident the product you are receiving is fresh, potent, and will always meet our high level of standards.

Unlike all other brands, Double Scorpio neutralise the acid in their products before bottling which minimises burns from accidental spills and helps keeps headaches from vapours to a low; most customers do not experience any headaches at all due to the quality and purity of the products.

Made with 100% isobutyl nitrate, no fillers.

Iron Fist Black Label Pentyl 24ml

Discover the Iron Fist Black Label Poppers, a revamped version of the beloved Iron Fist! Experience its potent and enticing effects, attributed to its pentyl aroma. Similar to amyl nitrite, pentyl offers a liberating sensation. A few inhalations will leave your muscles feeling relaxed. Plus, its durable aluminium bottle ensures it's shatterproof. If you were a fan of the original Iron Fist, the Black Label edition is sure to captivate you!

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The Golden Fist Pack Double Scorpio Prowler PoppersThe Golden Fist Pack Double Scorpio Prowler Poppers


Double Scorpio

Imported from the USA- finest quality poppers available.
The Golden Fist Pack Double Scorpio Prowler Poppers


The Golden Fist Pack Double Scorpio Prowler Poppers


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