Double Scorpio Emerald – 10ml

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It’s that tingle down your spine that signals there’s a new girl in town. Her name is Double Scorpio Emerald and she certainly is precious. Formulated with a hint of peppermint and a dash of eucalyptus, our custom blend will delight all of your senses while you clean your nasty VHS tapes. When the hairs on your arm stand erect, you will know this gem is rock solid. Hand-crafted with care in the heart of Texas, anything is possible with Double Scorpio Emerald

SKU: DS-EM-10 Categories: ,


Our Isobutyl Nitrite is synthesised in small batches and kept in deep freeze storage until it is time to ship, so you can be confident the product you are receiving is fresh, potent, and will always meet our high level of standards.

Unlike all other brands, Double Scorpio neutralise the acid in their products before bottling which minimises burns from accidental spills and helps keeps headaches from vapours to a low; most customers do not experience any headaches at all due to the quality and purity of the products.

Made with 100% isobutyl nitrate, no fillers.


Double Scorpio

Imported from the USA- finest quality poppers available.

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1 review for Double Scorpio Emerald – 10ml


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    They are pretty strong compared to pentyl, and the “effect” is very different, it goes straight to the head, quite similar to the old (now banned) poppers with the added benefit that the Scorpio(s) do not leave you with a headache at all. The European brands that you import (not the pentyl, the other ones, e.g., the yellow rush, isoblue, etc) have a very harsh smell and they leave you seeing a sort of greenish+yellowish ring for a couple of minutes ( I imagine the rumours about them affecting eyesight are true). The Scorpio poppers have a similar eyesight effect but 100x milder and it also lasts one minute tops, so little that I honestly don’t mind, especially when I take into account their awesome strength.
    The Emerald has a very nice warm smell, that one would think makes no difference but it is actually very pleasant. No difference in strength between the two “flavours” in my opinion.

    I would buy them again, hopefully cheaper!

    June 21, 2022

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