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  • Original Amsterdam Gold Poppers 25ml

    Original Amsterdam Gold Extra Strong Poppers 25ml

    The aroma of Amsterdam is alive and kicking in this robust fan favourite Popper. Amsterdam Gold Poppers are an extra potent formula and one of the best sellers ever! Millions of bottles of this Popper have been sold all around the world. With this giant 25ml bottle, the fun will last for hours!

    Grab yourself a bottle or two today! FREE delivery on orders of £25. 

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  • A vibrant pop art-style composition featuring a bottle labeled "Pentyl Amsterdam Ultra Gold 10ml - the cleaner gold" with colorful shoes against a geometric backdrop of bold primary colors.

    Pentyl Amsterdam Ultra Gold 10ml

    Experience the golden touch with the Pentyl Amsterdam Ultra Gold 10ml. This exceptional popper isn’t just a sensory enhancer; it’s an invitation to a world of unparalleled experiences, heightened moments, and golden memories.



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  • A brown bottle labeled with "Pentyl Amsterdam Ultra Gold 24ml" against a white background.

    Pentyl Amsterdam Ultra Gold 24ml

    Amsterdam Poppers have a longstanding history, consistently winning over customers. The Amsterdam Ultra Gold 24ml Poppers, made with Pentyl Nitrite, are now available for purchase from Prowler Poppers.

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  • A small bottle of Pentyl Juic'd Black Label 24ml leather cleaner on a white background.

    Pentyl Juicd Black Label 24ml

    Introducing the Pentyl Juic’d Black Label 24ml, your premium choice for extraordinary experiences. This isn’t just any novelty item; it’s an invitation to step into a realm where your senses are amplified and every moment is brimming with potential.

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  • Potent Blue Room Odouriser 22ml

    Potent Blue XXX Strong Aroma – 22ml

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  • Propyl Leather Cleaner 24ml

    Propyl Leather Cleaner 24ml

    Propyl leather cleaner was voted the Number #1 popper in recent popper awards for both strength & clean effect. It literally beat all competition for the popper gold award.

    Are you ready to add a big something extra to your night? Propyl poppers are more punch for your pound. Strong yet surprisingly smooth formulation, this one is so popular it flies off the shelf.

    FREE delivery when you spend £25 – so buy yours today!


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  • Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design
  • Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design
  • Leather Cleaner Aroma

    Prowler Leather Cleaner Aroma Room Odouriser Transparent 25ml

    Don’t miss out on our New Leather Cleaner Aroma from our Prowler odoriser range – available in a 25ml easy-to-transport glass bottle, ensuring that you’ve always got it on hand when you’re in the mood to clean up.

    Order yours online today!

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  • A black plastic Prowler Popper Topper bottle cap with an open flip-top lid against a white background, with a cautionary note advising to ensure it fits your Prowler Popper Topper.

    Prowler Popper Topper

    Prowler RED Popper Topper is the perfect accessory to help prevent spills and stains of your favourite aromas. This fits most 25ml, 24ml, 10ml and 9ml bottles and has a click sound to indicate a sealed cap. Make your aromas easy to open and close using only one hand with this useful topper!

    Please note. This does NOT fit Double Scorpio products.

    It also does not the following 24ml bottles:

    • Bear
    • Spunk
    • Propyl
    • Quicksilver
    • All Black
    • Rush 24ml (Rush 25ml + 10ml are ok)
    • Man Scent
    • Amsterdam
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  • Water based lube

    Prowler RED Water water-based Lube 100ml

    We love that the 100ml Water lubricant by Prowler RED is safe for use with toys, making it the perfect lube for solo toy sessions and partner play. This lube supplements your natural lubrication for even more stimulation and pleasure. Prowler RED Water feels incredible on your skin and leaves it feeling pampered and hydrated.

    Intended use: This is a personal lubricant, for anal and /or penile application, intended to moisturize and lubricate, to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication. This product is compatible with natural rubber latex condoms.

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  • Prowler Rosebud Room Aroma 25ml

    Prowler Rosebud Room Aroma Room Odouriser Transparent 25ml

    With a power pellet included for an extra strong and long-lasting buzz, the Prowler Rosebud Room Aroma smells incredible. A popular popper amongst regular users, this large 25ml aroma will get you going, in more ways than one.

    Make sure you don’t miss out…order yours here!

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  • Thunderball Poppers 25ml

    Thunderball Poppers 25ml by Prowler Poppers

    Extra strong, smooth smell, instant hit! Our Thunderball Poppers 25ml will blow your mind with their smooth scent and powerful punch. This product is great for anyone who likes an instant hit of excitement. The giant 25ml bottle is perfect if you’re looking for a product that will last you a long time. They’re extra strong and provide a smooth smell that will leave you feeling satisfied.

    What are you waiting for? Order yours today and get FREE delivery on orders of £25 or more. 

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  • Thunderball Poppers

    Prowler Thunderball Poppers Room Aroma 10ml

    Are you looking for an extra kick? Courtesy of the team here at Prowler Poppers, we bring you our very own Thunderball Poppers – crazy strong and crazy popular. A power pellet is included for extra strength and durability – which will knock your socks off. We recommend you store them in a cool dry place for optimal performance.

    FREE delivery on orders of £25. 100% Discreet Packaging assured. 

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  • A bottle of PUP 24ml leather cleaner displayed against a white background.

    PUP 24ml

    Indulge in exhilarating sensations with BGP Poppers’ PUP 24mL. This exceptional product is essential for the daring individual, promising an extraordinary journey into pleasure. Crafted with a distinctive combination of materials, it guarantees to elevate your experience to unparalleled heights. Its compact size ensures discreet usage, allowing you to carry it effortlessly wherever you venture. Brace yourself for an overwhelming surge of intensity that will undoubtedly ensue. Embrace the Poppers PUP 24mL as an indispensable addition to your toy repertoire, preparing yourself for an unforgettable and extraordinary adventure.

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  • Pure Gold Room Odouriser 10ml

    Pure Gold Room Odouriser No Colour 10ml

    Gold by name, gold by nature – our Pure Gold Room Odouriser is powerful, potent and highly pleasurable. In a sleek black and gold 10ml bottle, Pure Gold Room Odouriser is one of our best sellers.

    For just £4.95 you can grab yours today! What are you waiting for?

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  • Purple Haze Poppers UK 10ml

    Purple Haze 10ml

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  • rock hard xxx pentyl leather cleaner

    Rock Hard XXX Pentyl Poppers 15ml

    Rock Hard XXX are stronger and longer lasting than any other popper on the market. If you are in the mood for a giant night make sure not to leave home without some.

    Available in 15ml & 24ml bottles

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